Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Prince Edward Island Farmhouse 1970s

     My 85-year-old first cousin once removed in Massachusetts has been sending me alot of photos he took on visits to Prince Edward Island in the late 1960's / early 1970's.  Here's an unidentified photo he just sent me - possibly in the Evangeline Region?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bayview School House 1914

     I came across this image of the Bayview School House on Earles Picture Restoration PEI Facebook page https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/fr/cp0/e15/q65/18955051_642407189299075_6267121119158367607_o.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=e8caff90f520f1cdb043753ad5129f5b&oe=59FB3AF5
     The school was located on the north side of Simpson's Mills on the Simpson Mill Road in Bayview (near to Cavendish).  Arnold Smith recalls accompanying his father George to deliver the winter's firewood here around 1961.  
     The school was closed in the early 1970's then bought by the Ellis family who moved it Cavendish behind the Cavendish Tourist Mart - the Ellis' built on an addition use it as a cottage today.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

West Cape School

     This school is one of the oldest in western Prince Edward Island.  It's located at the end west end of the O'Leary Road ( Route 142 ) beyond where it intersects with the shore road ( Rte. 14) on what is now called "School Road" and sits on a small parcel of privately owned land.  
      The school number was 39 and predates the Knutsford and Springfield West Schools as in the history of the Sillikers, who were amoung the first to arrive in Knutsford in 1855, it states: "The family travelled seven miles to West Cape School in an ox cart."
 I took these photos on Mother's Day, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Knutsford School

     Our family met on Mother's Day last Sunday at Knutsford School.  Our grandmother Empress (MacNevin) McDowell, our matriarch (pictured below) was pleased to have her three daughters and their families to celebrate the occasion.   Empress came to Knutsford 81 years ago when she married our grandfather Roy McDowell on March 2, 1936.  They were always community-minded people.  Empress continues to be an active member of the Knutsford Women's Institute.
    Over the past winter the Knutsford W.I. have been doing upgrades to the 140+ year old schoolhouse which today is used as a community hall. 
   A couple of years ago history panels are prepared to tell the story of Knutsford...here's photos I took of them last Sunday. Another panel is being prepared to tell the story of our great-great-grandfather Capt. John Silliker, who along with his bother and others cut the O'Leary Road through to Knutsford about 1855 and were amount the earlier settlers of the area.  The Sillikers had 600-acres and donated the lumber and land to build the Methodist Church, with cemetery, and the School.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ross' Mill, Bridgetown

     I bought this 20"x16" photo of Ross' Sawmill from Moe's Auctioneering Service yesterday.
     I took these up-close images of the photo - appears to have just had a new board-n-batten roof.
     More than twenty years ago I was contacted by a family member ( who was born and raised in Boston ) about re-building a house to match the family home that was still standing at Ross's Mill - it was not restorable.   We documented the house and produced drawings. Below are photos I took that day of the house and barn - both have long since disappeared.
     The following information comes from www.islandlives.ca.
A history of the north side of the Boughton River. 
Page 68.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Glenwood Farmstead for Sale, 1896

    Perry Batten of Royal LePage has this old Glenwood property listed for sale - check out his website.  Located at 2690 Glenwood Rd (Rte. 14).  The listing notes the house was built in 1896.
Below are photos from his listing. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Egmont Bay Rectory

     Below is the c.1886 Rectory of Eglise de Saint-Philippe et Saint-Jacque Parish, Egmont Bay.   I took these photos on March 25, 2010 just before they tour down the grand old church.  To get the rear views of the rectory and church I took the little short road behind the church called, Rennes Road.
View of the church and rectory from Rennes Road

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Christ Church Cherry Valley, Anglican - 175th Anniversary

     On April 23rd, 2017 at 10am Christ Church will celebrate their 175th anniversary with a celebration service.  The church, situated on Pownal Bay, was built in a grove of pine trees and today sits in a picturesque rural farming community.  The service will be officiated by the current Priest-in-Charge Rev. Dr. G. Wayne Short along with the Diocesan Bishop Ron Cutler.
     The church is located at 100 Cherry Valley Cove Rd.
Below are a few photos from the Church's website.
The following information comes from the Historic Places website...
     Christ Church Anglican is valued for its Georgian-style architecture, for its associations with United Empire Loyalist settlement in PEI, the history of the Anglican church on PEI, and for its contribution to the community of Cherry Valley.  The community of Cherry Valley was established in the 1780’s by United Empire Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution.  Cherry Valley may have received its name from James Lewis Hayden (1749-1832) who named it for the town in Ulster County, New York where he was born.  Cherry Valley, New York is notable in American history for being the site of the Cherry Valley Massacre, which took place in 1778 during the American Revolution.  The eldest daughter of James Lewis Hayden, Margaret, was married to Major Joseph Beer (1754-1810), an ensign of the 5th Battalion of the King’s Rangers.   The Beers and Hayden families played a central role in the establishment of Christ Church Anglican.  The church land was donated by the Beers family and the contractor who built the church in 1842 was Thomas Beers, grandson of Joseph Beers.  The known carpenters were Thomas Tweedy and a Mr. Storey.  The church was built under the direction of Frederick Downe Panter who was the first rector.  Christ Church Anglican, Cherry Valley combines many original Georgian-style elements such as the simple gabled roof, the large eave returns and wide corner boards on the body and the sacristy with Gothic-inspired elements such as the arched windows are found on the south elevation.  Gingerbread trim on the south and east eaves and the tower and Gothic steeple which was added around 1900.  The north elevation was extended by a small addition in the 1970s.  Christ Church Anglican in Cherry Valley continues to be an important part of the landscape of its community.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Crapaud Mills

     I was going through Island community histories online on Island Lives website ( ) and came across this information on Crapaud mills from the book
The History of Crapaud
Vol. 3
by The Crapaud Women's Institute
Crapaud Millstream Seniors
     Here's a photo I took of Howatt's Mill not long before it was burned on Halloween night 1990.

Rennie-Cotton Barn

     This old barn is located on the Cheese Factory Road in Alma - it was built by Ralph Rennie back in the early 1950's when he and Blanche were first married.  Roy and Carol (Williams) Cotton bought the farm in the 1960's and lived her until a few years ago.  Today the farm is owned by Ralph's son and grandsons.